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Nov 2008: Set up new branch in Hong Kong

With effect from November 1st 2008, Euroasia Company H.Koffice will arrange all shipments for and on behalf of Euroasia Company A/S.

Sep. 2006: New domicile ready:

With effect from October 1st 2006, Euroasia Company A/S will move to our new domicile. New adress will be: Tornebakken 7 - Blistrup - 3230 Graested.

Feb. 2006: New address:

With effect from February 1st 2006, Euroasia Company A/S has moved to the following adress: Kabbelejevej 7  - 3300 Frederiksvaerk. This address will only be temporarily, as we expect our new domicile to be ready around January 1st 2007. More informations will follow later.

Jan. 2006: EAC becomes a limited compay:

With effect from January 1st 2006, Euroasia Company has become a limited company.

Oct. 2005: RoHS is now in place:

The RoHS directive, is effected from July 1st 2006. But already now is Euroasia Company ready to fulfil the RoHS requirements. Please feel free to ask for more details about your product.

May 2005: EAC launch "The future is global - and local" campaign:

More and more companies are looking towards Asia for cheaper products. But rarely they can't afford neither the time nor money, to search the Asian market by themself. EAC are the local partner, for the global future.

Aug. 2004: Crimppi OY receive UL recognition:

Crimppi OY, has received the UL recognition from the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. The file no. is E249432. Please see more at: www.ul.com

Dec. 12 2003: Crimppi OY moves into new factory:

Our manufacturing partner in Finland, Crimppi OY, has moved into their brand new factory. The new facilities gives Crimppi space to grow, both in number of employes, and in production and stocking capacity. (Currently Crimppi has 58 employes).

Oct. 23 2003: EAC signs manufacturing agreement with Crimppi OY:

EAC and Crimppi OY in Vaasa, Finland, has today signed manufacturing agreement. We are very pleased with this new agreement, and are looking forward to a good co-operation with EAC, says mr. Seppo Hujanen from Crimppi OY. (Please visit the webpage of Crimppi: www.crimppi.fi)

Oct. 17 2003: EAC and Ledkon A/S terminates the co-operation:

After co-operation for only 7 month, EAC and Ledkon A/S has today agreed to terminate the manufacturing agreement, with immediate effect. The reason for the termination is, that both capacity and quality in the production at Ledkon A/S, can not fullfill the requirements from EAC.



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